John's Events
  1. Jan12
    Flying Monkey Craft Brewery
    107 Dunlop Street east Barrie, Ontario
    Time: 8pm to 11pm
  2. Jan 18
    CW Coops
    Yonge St. Holland Landing, Ontario
    Time: 8pm to 11pm
  3. Jan 19
    Studio 72
    Belle Ewart, Ontario Get tickets
    Time: 7pm start
  4. Reducing gigs to get New music ready for spring!!
    Can wait to release!!
  5. Feb 9
    Cicco's Ristrorante
    173 Prince William Barrie, Ontario
    7pm to 10pm
  6. Feb 14
    St. Louis Bar & Grill
    Wasaga Beach, Ontario
    Time: 7pm to 10pm
  7. Feb 22
    Flying Monkey Brewery
    37 Dunlop Street Barrie, Ontario Solo
    Time 8pm to 11pm
  1. March 9
    O'Hara's Public House
    420 Leacock Drive Barrie, Ontario solo
    Time:9pm to 1am
  2. March 22
    Flying Monkey Brewery
    Dunlop Street, Barrie
    Time - 8pm
  3. March 23
    Friday Harbour Resort
    Big Bay Point Innisfil
    Time: 12noon
  4. March 30
    Private Party
  5. Recording
  6. Recording
  7. May 4th
    Time 6pm
  1. May 10
    Market Brewery
    Lesile Newmarket
    Time: 8pm
  2. May 18
    St. Louis Bar&Grill
    Wasaga Beach
    Time: 7pm
  3. May 19
    Minesing United Church
    Time 10am
  4. May 24
    Time 7pm